Discover the Possibilities.

Discover the freedom and flexibility to manage your media at every moment you choose – in every
room you choose. Seize your moment in the following scenarios:
NAS to your TV Smartphone to AV Receiver Laptop to TV Set top box to TV Digital Camera to Printer

A Digital World Designed With You in Mind.

It’s one thing for your digital devices to be compatible with each other. It’s another to make them compatible with your life. At DLNA, you’ll discover a digital network that moves with you. From device to device. Room to room. Moment to moment. So whether you have two or ten DLNA Certified® products – regardless of brand – you’ll experience a digital world of more convenience, choices and enjoyment regarding your movies, music and photos. The way life should be.

Digital Living in two steps.

You’ll need a wired or wireless home network,
and you’re ready to get started. That’s because
today’s DLNA Certified® devices connect, discover
and communicate with each other over a home
network – like the one you currently have for
sharing your broadband Internet (future methods
to connect may be available).
Purchase new DLNA Certified® products available
on the market, and many others that will soon
be made available. Once these devices are
connected to your home network, there’s virtually
no limit to what you can do.