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AV System

Having instant access to your entire video and music collections never looked or sounded so good.

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Whether it's a certain song you want to hear or a favorite movie you want to watch, a DLNA Certified® audio-video (AV) system lets you stream digital content - no matter what device it's stored on.  Move it from your PC to your wireless speakers or your tablet to your home theater system.  With a DLNA Certified® AV system, any time is show time.

Here are just a few ways to connect and enjoy your DLNA Certified® AV System:

Search, send and play music

Find your favorite songs currently stored on your DLNA Certified® PC or laptop to play on your AV systems.

Select, transfer and watch videos

Locate a movie currently stored on your DLNA Certified® tablet and send it to your AV receiver to view on your home theater.

When looking for digital products, look for the DLNA Certified® logo.