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The freedom to access and share digital content is only a click away.

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Log onto convenience.  With a DLNA Certified® PC or laptop, you can send music, photos and videos to other DLNA Certified® digital devices anywhere in your home.  What's more, DLNA allows these same devices to access content from it, too, making your PC a valuable member of your digital device team.

Here are just a few ways to connect and enjoy your DLNA Certified® PC or Laptop:

Browse and transfer music

Send music that's currently stored on your PC or laptop to your DLNA Certified® smartphone to listen on the go.

Access and print photos

Access a family picture on your PC or laptop, then print the photo wirelessly to your DLNA Certified® printer.

Locate and send videos

Select a video, like a favorite movie or TV show, on your PC or laptop and send the video to watch on your DLNA Certified® TV.

Find and play songs

Use your laptop as a remote to access songs stored on your NAS server and play them on your DLNA Certified® wireless speakers or AV receiver.

When looking for digital products, look for the DLNA Certified® logo.