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The freedom to share, access and enjoy your digital content is in the palm of your hands.

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A DLNA Certified® smartphone just might leave you speechless. Whether it’s the ability to connect with other digital devices such as your tablet to PC, or to wirelessly send digital content from your smartphone to TV, a DLNA Certified® smartphone gives you a handheld connected home.

Here are just a few ways to connect and enjoy your DLNA Certified® Smartphone:

Find, send and play music

Locate a playlist on your smartphone and play it on any DLNA Certified® receiver, such as your DLNA Certified® wireless speakers or AV receiver.

Send and print photos

Access photos on your smartphone and have them printed directly from your DLNA Certified® digital printer.

Send, view and upload videos

Send videos stored on your smartphone to view on your DLNA Certified® TV. Then transfer and store the videos on your DLNA Certified® network attached storage (NAS).

Access and send media

Use your smartphone as a remote to access videos or photos on your DLNA Certified® PC to view on your DLNA Certified® TV.

When looking for digital products, look for the DLNA Certified® logo.