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Now your non-DLNA Certified® devices can be adopted into your connected home.

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DLNA Certified® software is designed to upgrade your older or non-certified digital devices, specifically your smartphone and tablet, enabling them to work seamlessly with other DLNA Certified® products in your home.  So you can be assured your digital products, both old and new, will work together to share music, photos and videos in your connected home.

Here are just a few ways to connect and enjoy after installing your DLNA Certified® Software:

Send, watch and store videos

Send videos stored on your DLNA Certified® smartphone or tablet to view on your DLNA Certified® TV.  Then upload and store the videos on your DLNA Certified® network attached storage (NAS).

Find and play music

Locate a playlist on your DLNA Certified® smartphone or laptop and play it on any DLNA Certified® receiver, such as your DLNA Certified® wireless speakers or AV receiver.

Browse and print photos

Locate a photo stored on your DLNA Certified® tablet and print wirelessly to your DLNA Certified® printer.

When looking for digital products, look for the DLNA Certified® logo.