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Streaming digital content to your TV is something worth watching.

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DLNA Certified® TVs play a lead role in your home's digital network.With the ability to wirelessly stream digital content from device such as your smartphone to TV, your tablet to TV, your PC to TV, and more, there's always something good on television-thanks to DLNA.

Here are just a few ways to connect and enjoy your DLNA Certified® TV:

Retrieve and enjoy videos

Retrieve a family birthday video currently stored on your DLNA Certified® laptop and stream the video to your TV.

Locate and view photos

Browse your favorite digital photos on your DLNA Certified® smartphone or PC and send them to view on your TV.

Access and view home videos

Find your wedding video stored on your DLNA Certified® network attached storage (NAS) drive and stream it to your TV.

When looking for digital products, look for the DLNA Certified® logo.