Value of DLNA Certified

Over 25,000 device models have been DLNA Certified® by over 200 companies since the launch of the program in 2005. In addition, it is projected that there will be nearly 5 billion DLNA Certified products available on the global market by the end of 2016. 


DLNA Certification Versioning

DLNA Certification Versioning was created to give certifying companies greater flexibility and allow for differentiation among products. While the higher certification versions require increased quality and add new features, all versions are built on the same core DLNA functionality. For more information, read the full DLNA Versioning Plan.

Certification Resources

DLNA provides many resources for companies going through certification:

DLNA Technical Operations staff is here to support you through the entire certification process. 

Independent Certification Vendors are authorized test facilities that conduct the Certification testing for DLNA Certified products. All ICVs are experts in running the DLNA test tools and all have the interoperability equipment needed for Certification. ICVs can also provide pre-testing services to help companies achieve Certification.

DLNA Test Tools are a critical component to certifying your product. Using the DLNA Certification Test Tools during product development enables defects to be found quickly and ensures nothing has broken between builds, saving your developers time and effort.  Learn more about the Test Tools.