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Smart Home

DLNA’s Smart Home Task Force has been working to extend the DLNA Guidelines to enable interaction with surrounding Smart Home devices.

On September 21st, DLNA conducted an open industry web conference about the interaction between media-sharing and smart home services. The web conference discussed:

  • Services that involve both smart home and media-sharing
  • Technical approaches to integrating smart home and media services
  • Shared user interface for smart home and media services
  • Evolution of technical standards and certifications to support these interactions

DLNA's Smart Home & Media presentation is available for download. Other presenters included Broadband Forum (download their presentation), ETSI OneM2M, and ZigBee Alliance also presented during this webinar.

DLNA 4.0 Certification

DLNA Certified 4.0 is certification to the latest DLNA Guidelines June 2016 bringing the most advances technologies to the DLNA ecosystem. For more information, download the DLNA 4.0 White Paper.

  • Highest levels of interoperability between all DLNA versions            
  • DMP+DMR or X-DMR for clients, DMS for servers
  • Mandatory support for HD)
  • AVC in MP4 containers
  • Networked Devices Power Save
  • Diagnostics both layer 2 and layer 3.
  • HEVC
  • DLNA IPv6

Test Tools: Coming soon
Test Plan: Coming soon
ICV Testing: Coming soon

Test and certification program launch scheduled for early 2017.