More Than 400 New TV Models Become DLNA Certified®

Total of 669 TV Models Take Center Stage in the New Digital Living Room; Consumers Find, Share and View Digital Content from the Comfort of Their Couch

BEAVERTON, Ore., August 4, 2009 – The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) has seen tremendous growth in the number of DLNA Certified® televisions, making the television the centerpiece of the new digital living room. More than 400 TV models have become DLNA Certified in the last three months, bringing the total number of DLNA Certified TVs to 669. With more than a thousand percent growth in this category since 2007, televisions bearing the “DLNA Certified” logo are interoperable with the complete digital home, allowing consumers to experience a more convenient way to enjoy their digital content. With a DLNA Certified television in the living room, consumers may enjoy audio, video or pictures, from other DLNA Certified products, such as mobile phones, digital cameras or PCs.

“Televisions are the focal point of entertainment for many households, making it essential that they interoperate with other devices that make up the digital home,” said Scott Smyers, chairman of the DLNA board of directors and senior vice president of Sony Electronics Inc. “The rapid growth in DLNA Certified televisions represents a shift to a more connected and interactive home experience. With 669 television models DLNA Certified to date, consumers have the ability to truly enjoy their television in new ways.”

No longer are consumers relegated to experiencing their digital media on just one device or in only one room. DLNA Certified products allow consumers to easily enjoy, manage and share photos, video and music across devices, regardless of manufacturer. With more than 5,000 DLNA Certified devices worldwide, and a tremendous growth in the number of DLNA Certified television models, consumers can continue to evolve their digital home with the utmost confidence, knowing that their DLNA Certified televisions can access digital content from other DLNA Certified devices throughout their home.

Today’s families are already living truly digital lifestyles which have been built on a strong technology foundation that includes an array of consumer electronic devices such as storage devices, mobile phones, cameras, printers, PCs, set-top boxes and others. DLNA Certified devices facilitate an easier sharing of digital content throughout the home and are designed so that products will work together now and in the future. By pushing the envelope, DLNA member companies have developed solutions that benefit today’s digital consumer. Consumers now have more options available that allow them to freely pass and view their digital content throughout their home, without boundaries. DLNA Certified television models have been tested for interoperability and adherence to DLNA guidelines by passing rigorous and independent testing by a laboratory in North America, Europe or Asia.


About DLNA Members of Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) share a vision of an interoperable network of personal computers (PC), consumer electronics (CE), mobile devices and service providers in and beyond the home, enabling a seamless environment for sharing and growing new digital media and content services. Founded in 2003, the group established and maintains a platform of interoperability based on open and established industry standards that, when used by manufacturers will support the sharing of media through wired or wireless networks. More than 200 multi-industry companies from around the world have joined DLNA, committing the time and resources necessary to achieve their vision. DLNA's 2009 Promoter Members include: ACCESS, Awox, Broadcom, Cisco, Comcast, DirecTV , Ericsson, HP, Huawei, Intel, JVC Kenwood Holdings, LG, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, NXP, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Rovi Corporation, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and Toshiba. Additional information about the Alliance, its participating companies and membership benefits is available at