Frequently Asked Questions

DLNA Certification

1. When will DLNA Certification be open to everyone/non-members?

DLNA Certification services will transition to SpireSpark International on February 1, 2017.

2. Can any company claim they are DLNA Certified now?

While DLNA Certification will now be open to all companies, a device must pass the
DLNA Certification Process in order to claim that they are DLNA Certified and receive the DLNA Certification mark.

3. Do I need to be a member of SpireSpark International to obtain DLNA Certification?

No. SpireSpark International is a company offering the service of DLNA Certification. Membership is not required.

4. My company has never been a member of DLNA. Can I get a product certified now that there is no membership? Can I access the tools that were previously for members only?

Yes, DLNA Certification and tools are now available to everyone. There is no requirement that a company be a former member of DLNA to certify or use the tools. Please email to request pricing information. Trial versions of some tools may be available in the future; please check the SpireSpark website for updates.

5. Are the test tools for DLNA useful if I don’t plan on getting certified?

Yes, the DLNA Test Tools are helpful in many instances of development and interoperability. For example, the Conformance Test Tool (CTT) implements media alignment and scaled files to realistically simulate actual devices. CTT also includes IPv6 functionality. The Media Capabilities Verification Tool (MCVT) can be used to verify if a device correctly implements operations performed during media playback. The Golden Devices test interoperability.

6. What is the SpireSpark pricing structure for certification services?

Pricing for DLNA Certification and pricing for DLNA Test Tools are available on

7. What capabilities will the new firm provide for ongoing DLNA Certification services? 

SpireSpark will deliver all of the same services, test tools, interoperability equipment and end-to-end certification expertise. SpireSpark will provide a seamless transition for companies that are currently certifying products or wish to do so in the future. Access to the DLNA test suite including the Conformance Test Tool (CTT), Media Capabilities Verification Tool (MCVT), Golden Reference Devices and many other tools for testing media sharing, including DRM will be available under a new fee structure.

8. Are there any pre-requisites for DLNA Certification?

Certifications from other organizations are required for devices supporting certain functionalities. Some of these may include UPnP, Wi-Fi, RVU, MoCA, or HomePNA.

9. Will the Web-Based Certification System (WCS) still be available?

Yes. The WCS ( will continue to be the main interface for DLNA Certification.

10. Will there be any interruption with the Independent Certification Vendors (ICVs)?

It is expected that business will continue as usual. A list of ICVs is available at

11. What will happen to The DLNA Guidelines?

The latest DLNA Guidelines will still be available for download at  There will be no further work on updating the guidelines.


SpireSpark International

1. Who is running the new company? 

The company has been founded by former DLNA executives, will be based in Portland, Oregon, and is staffed by the team experienced in all aspects of DLNA Certification.

2. What services will be offered by the new company? 

In addition to DLNA Certification and access to DLNA Test Tool and interoperability equipment, SpireSpark will offer operationalization of certification programs, association development services for new and forming groups, marketing services, committee and Board support services as well as an array of engineering services for new and established certification programs.

3. What experience does the SpireSpark team have other than DLNA?

In addition to the success of DLNA, SpireSpark’s team members have experience with a broad range of associations, for-profit companies and developing and facilitating certification programs.