DLNA Technology Components

Technology component vendors are companies that contribute to the DLNA ecosystems but do not necessarily make devices that are sold to consumers. They are often the first to adopt new DLNA Guidelines and frequently evangelize the DLNA value proposition to the CE industry. Examples of DLNA components include middleware, codecs, silicon, and Wi-Fi modules – essentially any product or solution that implements some of the layers – but not all the layers – as described in the DLNA and VidiPath Guidelines. As long as the component is part of a DLNA Certified Device or VidiPath Certified Device, it may be marketed in the industry as a Technology Component and may bear the Technology Component logo.

DLNA Technology Components

ACCESS NetFront™ Living Connect enables OEMs to quickly and efficiently implement DLNA functionality on consumer electronic devices including mobile phones, digital cameras, printers, DVD players, digital TVs, set-top boxes, network attached storage (NAS) boxes and more. NetFront Living Connect has achieved an extensive track record of successful DLNA Certified® device deployments on a variety of consumer electronic devices offered by leading OEMs in markets throughout the world.

Available Device Classes and Features:

  • Digital Media Server (DMS)

  • Digital Media Player (DMP)

  • Digital Media Renderer (DMR)

  • Digital Media Controller (DMC)

  • DTCP-IP, +PR1+, +PR2+, +UP+, +DN+, +RUIPL+, +RUISRC+

NetFront Living Connect is optimized for embedded devices and features high portability and a flexible modularity that allow it to function with any OS or CPU while also providing for easy customization.

Learn more here: http://gl.access-company.com/products/itelectoronics/livingconnect/

For additional information, contact tv@access-company.com

AwoX provides SDKs integrated in over 50 million products: TVs, mobile phones, tablets, set-top-boxes, gateways, and computers:

Renderer SDK (DMR)
Turn your device into a DLNA Certified renderer. Framework for easy integration with your media player.
Controller SDK (DMC/DMP)
Build a DLNA Certified media player/controller user experience, including Remote User Interface Control.
Server Plugin SDK (DMS)
Turn your device into a DLNA Certified server. Serve local or internet content to any DLNA player/renderer. Plug-in architecture for transcoding, remote access, Internet radios & TVs. Including Remote User Interface Server. 
DTCP Sink and Source SDKs
Enable link protection streaming for your devices.

AwoX mediaCTRL is available for TVs, set-top-boxes, mobile devices, residential gateways, access points, computers and is integrated with the leading home and mobile platforms.

For additional information, contact Olivier Carmona, Director of Business Development: ocarmona@awox.com

The Allegro RomPlug suite of development toolkits offer a flexible and robust collection of software components to build state-of-the-art UPnP and DLNA enabled consumer electronics and mobile devices. In addition to Allegro’s core RomPlug UPnP and DLNA technology, Allegro offers a variety of application specific toolkits to create DLNA Digital Media Players (DMPs), Digital Media Servers (DMSs), Digital Media Renderers (DMRs) and Digital Media Controllers (DMCs).  The Allegro RomPlug RUI technology enables Remote User Interface (RUI) capabilities for both HTML5 and CEA 2014 environments.  The DLNA specified link protection protocols DTCP-IP and WMDRM are also fully supported.  As part of Allegro’s support for the DLNA community, Allegro additionally offers DLNA Certified® test reference devices specifically designed to support the development and testing needs of DLNA device manufacturers.

RomPlug MediaControl
This ANSI-C toolkit provides the protocols for DMC/M-DMC. All you need to add is the user interface.

RomPlug MediaPlay
This ANSI-C toolkit provides the protocols for DMP/M-DMP. Add user interface/codecs and stir.

RomPlug MediaRender
This ANSI-C toolkit provides the protocols for DMR. All you need to add is the codecs.

RomPlug MediaServe
This ANSI-C toolkit provides the protocols for DMS/M-DMS. Add interface, database, optional codecs.

RomPlug RUI
This ANSI-C toolkit provides Remote User Interface capabilities to your design including support for HTML5.

RomPlug RUIC
This ANSI-C toolkit provides specific CEA 2014 Remote User Interface support in addition to HTML5 support.

RomPlug DTCP
This ANSI-C toolkit adds DTCP-IP Source/Sink support for DMS/DMP/DMC/DMR implementations.

This ANSI-C toolkit adds WMDRM-ND Receiver support for DMP/DMR implementations.

RDMC 101
DLNA Certified Reference Digital Media Controller (DMC).

RDMS 202
DLNA Certified Reference Digital Media Server (DMS).


To learn more about Allegro’s full line of DLNA products visit our website at: http://www.allegrosoft.com/romplug.html

Connect To A New World Of Entertainment
Microchip's JukeBlox® technology connects tablets, smartphones, PCs, Macs and other consumer electronics products to a new world of audio entertainment. With the industry's only system-on-a-chip (SoC) and Software Design Kit (SDK) for networked audio, Microchip is making the connected home a reality and enabling consumers to access their local or cloud-based music library from any device and from any room in the home.

Offering integrated Wi-Fi® support, the JukeBlox software platform enables music streaming to virtually all home audio equipment including home theater systems, A/V receivers, radios, wireless speakers and portable music player docking stations. JukeBlox technology also integrates a broad range of functionality including Internet radio with premium services and wired or wireless streaming of digital music via multiple standards. It provides USB functionality, a broad suite of codecs, protocols and DRM standards, and traditional home audio functionality such as AM/FM radio and clock/alarm functionality.

Microchip's JukeBlox technology delivers your music and the world's music...from any device, anytime and anywhere. 

Available Device Classes

Digital Media Player (DMP)

Digital Media Renderer (DMR)

Twonky Server (DMS / M-DMS with WMDRM, DTCP-IP, +UP+, +DN+)
Twonky Server easily turns embedded devices like NAS, PVRs, routers and gateways into a DLNA Certified DMS/M-DMS. Already deployed in millions of devices, Twonky Server offers manufacturers customizable options and a unique client adaptation, enabling a superior, out-of-the-box experience.

Twonky Client SDK (DMP / M-DMP, DMR / M-DMR, DMC / M-DMC with WMDRM, DTCP-IP, +UP+, +DN+)
The Twonky Client SDK is a comprehensive solution for creating leading edge networked digital media players, renderers and control points. It includes customizable sample code to create networked digital media players and is available with different DRM and link protection libraries.

Twonky Mobile SDK
The Twonky Mobile SDKs for Android and iOS combine the functionality of Twonky Server and Twonky Client SDK in a single SDK. With this SDK, third-parties can develop a rich media experience by leveraging Twonky capabilities in an application of their own design.

For additional information, contact: contact@lynxtechnology.com


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