DLNA Recognizes Top Member Contributions for 2015 That Had Greatest Impact on Advancing the Digital Home Experience

  • Contributions ranged from extending Guideline support for new media formats, to expanding opportunities for DLNA to solve challenges in the smart home.
  • Seven individuals are recognized, representing member companies that are leaders in the consumer electronics, cable and telecommunications industry segments.
  • Peer-nominated winners distinguished themselves through extensive committee work and invaluable industry leadership.

DLNA Tackles Consumer Electronics Energy Challenges by Making Networked Power Control a Reality

  • DLNA mandates use of low-power modes across growing number of networked devices, enabling applications to turn off and wake up interfaces as needed.
  • Low-power requirement is part of Guidelines for subscription TV streaming, and devices used for personal content sharing in the home. 
  • Initiative will harness power of the network to cut energy consumption by TVs, set-top boxes, PCs, gaming consoles, routers and other connected home devices.

DLNA® Announces 3.0 Certification Program and Updated Guidelines Helping Manufacturers Differentiate Product Offerings

  •  DLNA has created a tiered Certification Program giving CE companies more options for certifying.
  • DLNA 2.0 and 3.0 Certification is open today; plans for DLNA 4.0 Certification are being developed.
  • Latest Guidelines improve interoperability by eliminating differences between media formats for mobile devices, PCs, TVs and set top boxes. Guidelines now support compression technology for Ultra-HD TV content while improving energy efficiency for Certified products.

DLNA Members Certify Products to Interoperability Guidelines That Now Include Mandatory “Trick Mode” Specifications

  • Now a mandatory feature of DLNA’s interoperability Guidelines, trick modes include video fastforwarding and rewinding plus frame-by-frame playback that is especially popular with sports content.
  • In parallel, more than 20 companies are now in the process of certifying products to VidiPath Guidelines for subscription TV viewing that include the same advanced playback capabilities.