DLNA Recognizes Top Member Contributions for 2015 That Had Greatest Impact on Advancing the Digital Home Experience

News Highlights:

  • Contributions ranged from extending Guideline support for new media formats, to expanding opportunities for DLNA to solve challenges in the smart home.
  • Seven individuals are recognized, representing member companies that are leaders in the consumer electronics, cable and telecommunications industry segments.
  • Peer-nominated winners distinguished themselves through extensive committee work and invaluable industry leadership.

PORTLAND, Ore., - [May 10, 2016] – The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA®) today announced awards to individuals from its member companies who had the greatest impact during the year on fulfilling the organization’s vision and executing its mission.  The seven who were recognized represent technology leadership from consumer electronics, cable and telecommunications companies. All have a shared interest and history of success in advancing DLNA’s mission to enhance the digital lifestyle by ensuring product interoperability throughout the connected home.

“These peer-nominated individuals did the most during 2015 to make it easier and more enjoyable for consumers to watch and share their favorite content on their favorite devices throughout the home,” said Donna Moore, DLNA executive director.   

The goal of DLNA’s annual recognition program is to recognize individuals who distinguished themselves either through noteworthy committee work or exceptional leadership.  Vetted and approved by the DLNA Board of Directors, the winners all played integral roles in advancing DLNA initiatives that required a significant amount of time, talent and commitment from member representatives. This year’s winners are:

  • Olivier Carmona, Director of Business Development, AwoX:  In his multiple roles as chairman of the Smart Home Task Force, chairman of the Compliance and Testing Committee, and member of the DLNA Board of Directors, Carmona worked extensively during the year on increasing the organization’s visibility and building relationships with prospective member companies and other organizations.
  • David de Andrade, Fellow, Comcast Cable: Through his service as chair of the VidiPath 2.0 Roadmap Task Force, and his dedication and support to building a roadmap for VidiPath Guidelines and Certification, DeAndrade played a key role in paving the way for an enhanced subscription TV experience in the connected home.
  • Patrick Ladd, Director, Standards, Comcast Cable:  As a member of the Guideline Maintenance Task Force, Ladd provided technical contributions that were integral to the prompt and skillful handling of technical updates and other changes. 
  • Stephen Palm, Architect, Broadcom Limited: Palm was recognized for his years of DLNA service, and for leading many initiatives as an executive and member of the Board of Directors.  He also performed extensive technical work on new Guidelines, project proposals and organizational improvements.
  • Craig Pratt, Software Architect & Partner, Caspia Consulting for CableLabs:  Pratt helped to ensure efficient resolution of Guidelines questions and other issues through his exemplary service on the Guideline Maintenance Task Force.
  • Barbara Stark, Lead Member of Technical Staff, AT&T:  As the chair of the Guideline Maintenance Task Force, Stark was instrumental in ensuring guideline errata were published quickly so that both the VidiPath and baseline DLNA Certification Programs operate effectively.
  • Mike Ward, Director, Sound Platform Solutions, Dolby Laboratories: As chair of the Media Formats Task Force, Ward led an extensive project to revamp DLNA Guidelines so they support all relevant media formats for the best possible connected home experience.

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About DLNA

The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) is a technology standards organization driven to build industry consensus to advance the interoperability of products in consumers’ connected homes. Founded in 2003 with a current membership of more than 150 companies, this unique multi-industry collaboration continues to implement an innovative set of guidelines utilized by service providers, electronics manufacturers, and software developers to provide consistent performance in a connected home environment. Consumers can share and enjoy personal content on DLNA Certified devices and subscription TV content on VidiPath Certified devices, including mobile devices, PCs, set top boxes, AV receivers, game consoles, TVs and more, regardless of manufacturer. DLNA has also created a robust certification program which tests and verifies the interoperability of products built to its standards, ensuring consumers that devices branded with the DLNA Certified and VidiPath Certified marks will successfully connect and exchange content. Additional information about the Alliance is available at www.dlna.org. Find the Alliance on Facebook at www.facebook.com/dlnacertified or on Twitter @DLNA.

DLNA’s leading member companies include AwoX, Broadcom, CableLabs, Comcast, Dolby Laboratories, Intel, LG, Panasonic, Sony, Time Warner Cable and Verizon.