DLNA Elects Broadcom’s Dr. Stephen Palm to Board of Directors

BEAVERTON, Ore., October 28, 2009 – The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) todayannounced the election of Dr. Stephen Palm, the technical director of the Broadband Communications Group at Broadcom, to a permanent seat on the organization’s Board of Directors. Broadcom is a Promoter Member of DLNA and Dr. Palm has served on the DLNA Board of Directors as an elected director for the past two years. Dr. Palm joins the members of the DLNA Board of Directors from Awox, Intel, Microsoft, Nokia, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, and Sony.

"The election of Stephen to the DLNA Board of Directors is a clear demonstration of the Alliance’s ongoing commitment to home connectivity," said Scott Smyers, chairman of the DLNA board of directors and senior vice president of Sony Electronics Inc. "Broadcom’s work within the industry demonstrates our shared vision for an interoperable network of consumer electronics, mobile devices, service provider equipment and PCs in and beyond the home.”

With DLNA, Broadcom helps enable consumers to access and enjoy digital content anywhere on their home network and to move or stream content between DLNA Certified® devices. Dr. Palm has represented Broadcom within DLNA since 2004 and currently serves as the Alliance’s treasurer. In addition to his work with DLNA, Dr. Palm maintains several standards leadership positions, holds a number of patents, and has published numerous journals, whitepapers, articles and conference presentations with a particular emphasis in home networking applications and quality of service technologies.

"As a DLNA technology component provider, Broadcom enables a broad range of DLNA Certified® devices, allowing consumers to share digital content throughout the home including watching digital video recordings on mobile phones, sending photos from mobile phones to printers and listening to MP3 files stored on a PC or a home stereo system,” said Stephen Palm. “Our mission is connecting everything. Through our new position on the DLNA Board of Directors and our ongoing work throughout the industry, we are helping to provide consumers with a seamless experience throughout their digital lives.”

For more information about DLNA, please visit www.DLNA.org .

About DLNA

Members of Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) share a vision of an interoperable network of personal computers (PC), consumer electronics (CE), mobile devices and service providers in and beyond the home, enabling a seamless environment for sharing and growing new digital media and content services. Founded in 2003, the group established and maintains a platform of interoperability based on open and established industry standards that, when used by manufacturers will support the sharing of media through wired or wireless networks. More than 200 multi-industry companies from around the world have joined DLNA, committing the time and resources necessary to achieve their vision. DLNA's 2009 Promoter Members include: ACCESS, Awox, Broadcom, Cisco, Comcast, DIRECTV, Ericsson, HP, Huawei, Intel, JVC Kenwood Holdings, LG, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, NXP, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Rovi Corporation, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and Toshiba. Additional information about the Alliance, its participating companies and membership benefits is available at www.dlna.org.